Social Cannabis Operations and Regulatory Education.



Cannabis + Hospitality

Just as alcohol is readily accepted in the wedding and event industry, cannabis is quickly becoming a welcome addition to special events in states with legal recreational cannabis.

Open your doors to unique events, additional clients and new experiences.  




Consumption Safety

Protect your business and clients by learning current regulations, protocols and safety standards from the experts in social cannabis consumption.

Expand your knowledge to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. 


Service Industry Professionals

SCORE™ Certification offers comprehensive social cannabis consumption training designed for venue staff, event vendors and more.

Set your business apart by certifying your employees and elevating your service standards. 


The Guest Experience

Curate unforgettable guest experiences that drive positive feedback, repeat business and strengthen vendor relationships. 

SCORE™ Big! 



Our Team Is Equipped With 27 Years Combined Experience In The Service Industry, With 8 Of Them Dedicated To Social Cannabis Consumption.




Dedicated to quality.

SCORE™ Certification gives companies the confidence to service events with social cannabis consumption. Through quality education and training, SCORE™ provides the necessary knowledge to ensure a safe, responsible and educated experience.


This training emphasizes the prevention of overconsumption, proper I.D. verification and best practices for keeping guests and businesses safe in the presence of both alcohol and cannabis in an event setting.